David Domminney Fowler

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Computing / Programming

I started programming in BASIC on an Acorn Electron some time in 1986. I soon upgraded to a BBC Micro, then a master.

My first PC was an Amstrad 1640, then I had a 2086. It was on these that I first used Windows 2.03 and GW-Basic.

Fast forward a few years I am now a part time .NET developer. Previous to playing in Aussie Floyd I was a full time developer and director at Only IT (hence why my YouTube name is dfonlyit).

I've developed a few products that are being used daily and are in the pubilc domain as well as many private projects.

This website, the Aussie Floyd website, and quite a few other websites were created in an application I have spent over 2 years developing in VB.NET. It's called wStudio CMS and it will be released soon under the GPL licence. It has some great features that allow me to manage many websites on the go and I can implement new things quickly by writing bespoke plugins.

My first publicly available phone and tablet app is the Aussie Floyd app available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Recreational coding includes dipping my toe into machine learning projects and writing simple apps to demonstrate ideas.

I'm very passionate about coding and I quite often code while on tour to relax, particularity before shows.