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David Domminney Fowler - Nothing To Anyone

Available from 2nd Oct 2017 featuring 10 tracks of original material

The Australian Pink Floyd Show - Everything Under The Sun

Filmed during the 2016 European tour, this is my favourite concert film by Aussie Floyd to date

Audial - Percieved Through the Sense of Hearing

Released in Feb 2014, this is the debut album by Audial featuring Jason Sawford (Aussie Floyd), Dean Howard (T'pau, Ian Gillan Band, Bad Company, The Herbs), Ricky Dean Howard, Andres Luengo (Juice, Dean Howard Band), Sarah Bayley and myself.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show - Eclipsed by the Moon

Filmed during the 2013 Eclipsed by the Moon tour in Trier and Oberhausen, Germany. Available on DVD, BluRay and CD

The Australian Pink Floyd Show - Exposed in the Light

Filmed over 42 shows during the 2012 Exposed in the Light tour, this features songs mixed with behind the scenes footage and interviews about life on the road and the history of the band.

David Domminney Fowler - Post Everything

This is a compilation of my favourite songs I have written and recorded from 2001-2011.

Dean Howard - Volume One

Recorded in 2004 featuring Dean Howard on guitar, Andres Luengo on drums and Russell Kennedy on bass. Guests include Ian Gillan (Deep Purple / Black Sabbath), Danny Bowes (Thunder), Ben Matthews (Thunder) and Toby Jepson (Little Angels).

Juice - If I Knew / Again

This is the 2003 debut single from my old band Juice with Andres Luengo and Nick Mahoney. There are a few copies going on Amazon. It's pretty rare now, unless you live with me because I have many copies!