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A Rocky Horror Easter Monday

My last Aussie Floyd blog rambled a little because I had almost no news at all, but subsequent to that I had a few of the most enjoyable days on tour I've had for a while.

I find myself in a slightly bigger dressing room in Chemnitz, sitting lazily on a comfy chair that I nicked from someone else's dressing room because for once I was up earlier than most.

Let's not get distracted by the glamour of Chemnitz, Frankfurt was where all the action happened.

We had a day off, Easter Monday, and two shows which meant 3 nights in the same hotel, a rare treat while touring. Around midday on the first day I met up with an old friend and current production manager for the Rocky Horror Show, Martin Bell. Martin used to work with us as production manager or stage manager depending on what was needed. We found a Starbucks, caught up then proceeded to find a restaurant only to be joined by Steve Mac, Bonney and Andres. As I had no show that day I got stuck in on the beer.